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Diabetes patient educators in Harrow

23 November 2015

Last week, X-Pert Health trained our diabetes peer educators to help them plan and deliver a diabetes education programme to local residents in Harrow. diabetes peer educator

The diabetes peer educator programme will help patients think about the different ways they can self-manage their condition safely and stay healthy to prevent the condition becoming worse.

The trained diabetes peer educators will be able to design and deliver a specific education programme to help those with diabetes in the local community make healthier lifestyle choices and look after themselves better by exploring different self-care options.

Clinical trials of the training programme have shown it to be very effective in helping diabetic patients not only in terms of their physical health but also improved lifestyle and mental wellbeing.

GPs in Harrow are hoping this programme will help people in the borough be more aware of what diabetes is, what contributes to the condition and preventative measures people can follow to stay healthy.

To find out how the CCG is further supporting diabetic patients read about the Diabetes Manual Complete programme here