What we do

Harrow CCG is responsible for planning and buying (commissioning) many of the health services needed by the 239,100 people who live in Harrow.

The work of Harrow CCG is overseen by the Governing Body which ensures the CCG has appropriate arrangements in place to exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically.

At Harrow CCG’s Governing Body meeting in April 2016, we agreed the following corporate objectives:

Strategic Objectives 2016/17

  1. Improve the health and wellbeing of people in Harrow by commissioning high quality and safe services 
  2. Involve and empower the people of Harrow in shaping of local services  
  3. Manage resources effectively ensuring best value and deliver financial balance 
  4. Implement our Local Services Strategy – primary care driving development and delivery of integrated care 
  5. Develop robust and collaborative commissioning arrangements 
  6. Improving performance in line with the NHS Constitution
  7. Empowering people of Harrow to keep well and have a positive experience of care when they require it